A Practical Solution
for Everyday Tasking


Instantly know the status of the tasks you assign

Instantly know the status of every task you assign... no follow-up required.

Engage in task conversations like "text messaging"... but more accurate and organized.

Create a sense of urgency with "countdown timer" style due-dates.

Instant ROI because you spend less time managing tasks and more time on your business.

Task Messaging

A better way to Get Things Done...

Task Messenger helps you assign and track day-to-day activities. It has everything you'd expect from a robust task management system, yet is as simple to use as text messaging. No heavy footprint and no learning curve means employees will actually use it. Task Messenger will notify you of your task's status so you don't have to waste time following up. Task Messenger is the world's only 100% mobile "Task Messaging" solution.


"Seriously. I don't have a second to stop during tax season. I need to know when receipts come in and when returns are signed. Task Messenger keeps me up to date with the status of all the tasks I delegate, so I can focus on getting the returns done on time and accurately."

"We need to move fast and efficient around here. I don't have time to follow-up with my assistants to ensure that an appointment as has set or if a new client has his paperwork. Task Messenger helps me moving fast and efficient so I can focus on what I do best."

"My clients pay me for legal research and adviceā€¦ not for following up on my paralegals. Task Messenger lets me know the status of case work without the 100's of emails to ensure things get done."

Task Messenger is available

on iPhone and Android

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